Who doesn’t like a Road Trip?

Join Boulder Tap House’s Loyalty Program and earn rewards.. Plus a Road Trip to a brewery once you complete 500 different tap beers.
Just stop by and signup at the restaurant.

How it works:
• Your electronic loyalty card tracks every tap beer at Boulder Tap House that you’ve enjoyed.
• Once you’ve tried 500 different beers you will be invited on a Road Trip, plus a Member only windbreaker.

Mini Road Trip: Get Rewards along the way
• Order 41 different tap beers and get a Boulder Tap House T-shirt or hat.
• Get to 82 different tap beers and $10 will be added to your loyalty card that you can use at any time.
• Once you get to 150 different tap beers $20 will be added to you card and you will also receive a set of complimentary pint beer glasses.
• Complete 200 different tap beers and your name is forever engraved on our own Boulder Tap House tap handle that will hang on our wall for everyone to admire also you will receive a Road Trip Shirt showing that you’ve completed the Road Trip.
(After 200 beers you road trip will start over and you can begin to earn rewards again and again)

Not a fan of Road Trips? Join the Loyalty Program and earn rewards on the “points plan”
• For every dollar spent on the following (tap beer, wings, donuts, can and bottled beer) at any time will earn you a point. For every 300 points earned $5 will be added to you Loyalty Card.
There is even ways to earn double points:
• Happy Hour Mon-Fri: 3pm-6pm and get double points on any tap beer and the select happy hour appetizers.
• Late Night Happy Hour 7 days a week: 9pm – 11pm get double points on all tap beer, 6 piece wings and donuts
• Sundays: All Day get double points on all Silos (16oz. canned beer)
• Also receive double points on certain events like Firkins and Special Tapings.

General Rules:
• Road Trip members get credit only for beers they (the individual member) have consumed in the visit. (Extra beers will not be added for extra credits).
• Participants must be of legal drinking age to earn points and rewards. Loyalty cards do not qualify as identification or proof of age. Laws require us to see a government issued ID when serving alcohol.
• Rewards are subject to change.

How many beers can I have per day?
You can add 5 beers to you card per day for the Road Trip.
Unlimited for the points plan.

How often can I use my card?
Loyalty cards are accepted twice per day. However, if you choose to visit more than twice a day, we’ll happily credit your account with manager approval. This only applies to the points plan. The Road Trip allows only twice a day.

Where can I use my card?
Your electronic card can be used at the Boulder Tap House in Baxter, Mankato, or St. Cloud.

When will my points appear on my card?
After you sign up your points are credited immediately after every visit & shown on your guest receipt.

If I have a coupon from Boulder Tap House can I use the coupon and earn points as well?
Yes, you can.

What if I lose my card?
No problem! Just visit The Boulder Tap House & we’ll assign you a new card and transfer all your credit earned.

What if I have a question that isn’t covered here?
Just contact us at info@bouldertaphouse.com and we will get back to you, usually within 48 hours.